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Shit Elon Says - Transcript - A Solid Year for Tesla

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[This video actually appears to be an interview from 2012.]

Well, they were very complimentary, they liked a lot of things about the car. The important thing was it won as a car, not because it was electric. It won on the basis of performance, fit and finish, and just the overall feel of the vehicle.

[Next year is a big year?] It absolutely is, yes. What we've promised we'll produce next year is at least 20,000 vehicles and that's something I'm really hanging my hat on, so I'm confident we'll do it. That's really a major promise from Tesla.

[Question about being called a loser.] Obviously it was a bit disheartening that a presidential candidate would take time out of the debates to attack Tesla, in fact in two of the three debates. I thought that was a bit unreasonable. One of the things he did, he actually called us a loser, and we're a company that has generated 3500 high quality jobs in the United States. We're a leader in electric vehicle technology. We actually export electric powertrains to Toyota and to Mercedes and, the further validation of that, Time Magazine awarded us Invention Of The Year. So I think it's a bit unreasonable that he would call us a loser.

[Question about the long term.] I think even in the absolute worst case scenario, Tesla has created a lot of intellectual property, we've over 250 patents, and obviously if we're supplying powertrains and battery packs to Toyota and Mercedes, they see value in Tesla too. Our production is sold out for the next seven months. So, I think even if we weren't able to execute, we'd still have value as an acquisition target for intellectual property, but obviously I think that's a very worse case scenario. The most likely scenario is that we will indeed become profitable next year and, in fact, cash-flow positive next month.

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