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Shit Elon Says - Transcript - CNN Electric car competition is key

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Fortunately, things have changed quite dramatically through the hard work of a huge number of people at Tesla. Tesla has achieved profitability, which is a huge milestone, and something we're very proud of. Our aspiration with Tesla, and in fact the secret master plan that I wrote right at the beginning of Tesla, was that we'd start off with a high priced low volume car, then go to a mid priced mid volume, and then the third step would be a low priced high volume car. Now we're sort of at the middle of the second step, if you will. We've got the Model S out, which obviously has won car of the year and many accolades. We've got a great 4-door sedan and we've had really good sales of the car. The demand has been excellent. We sold almost 5000 cars in the first quarter and we expect to sell over 20,000 this year. In three or four years time when we have our lower cost car, which will be a bit smaller and slightly fewer features than the Model S, that's when we expect to be shipping a couple of hundred thousand cars a year.

[Question about competition.] I hope we are surrounded by electric cars from other manufacturers. The reason that I created Tesla with my partners and the reason why I put so much of my capital and time into it was to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport of electric cars. "I really look forward to the day when every car on the road is electric. That's the goal, we want to make that happen." In fact, we're helping other car makers do that. We've got a deal with Mercedes for an electric V class that is coming out, I think, early next year. Then we've got the electric RAV4 with Toyota and that's already in production, and already being sold to people. We might do some additional deals in the future, but our goal is to just get electrification happening as soon as possible. I think it's an important thing for the world and the sooner it happens, the better off the world will be.

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