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Shit Elon Says - Transcript - Elon Musk Keynote - SXSW Interactive 2013

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'I don't know whether our technology level will keep going, or subside. For the first time in four and half billion years, the technology level is at a point where we can extend life to another planet; make life multi-planetary. I think it's too easy to take for granted that it's going to stay above that level, and if it doesn't, if it falls below that, will it return? Who knows. The sun is gradually expanding and in about roughly 500 million years -- maybe a billion years at the outside -- the oceans will boil, and there will be no meaningful life on Earth. I mean there might be like some chemotrophs or ultra-high temperature bacteria or something, but nothing that can make a spaceship. And you might think 'that's a 500 million year time frame', but it's only a 10% increase in the lifespan of Earth. So "if humanity had taken an extra 10% longer to get here, it wouldn't have gotten here at all."'

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