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Shit Elon Says - Transcript - SpaceX Groundbreaking - Brownsville

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There also needs to be a commercial orbital spaceport, just as we have commercial air traffic. It's a very similar thing to aircraft in that sense. We looked around for - we looked all through the country, and looked at all the possibilities, and I'm very happy to say that we thought that this was the best place to put it. So that's what we're doing. This is just the initial groundbreaking, it's going to take several years to build up a spaceport. This is going to be quite a significant building endeavor. What's near term for SpaceX, which I guess is sort of in the three to four year time frame, we expect to spend on the order of about $100 million, but in the long term, if you go out say ten or twenty years, it's probably in the several hundred million dollar range, because we're going to keep expanding the facility. There will be other companies that come and also locate here to support SpaceX, and you end up creating an ecosystem of companies - once you've got the anchor tenant down, other companies move in to support the anchor tenant - in this case, the launch of commercial satellites.

The long term goal is to create the technology necessary to take humanity beyond Earth, to take humanity to Mars, and establish a base on Mars. So, it could very well be that the first person that departs for another planet could depart from this location. So yeah, I'm super excited and can't wait to start building this project.

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