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Shit Elon Says - Transcript - Texas Hyperloop

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So, let's see. Yeah, I suppose everybody for coming and I really appreciate your support and good to see you all. You guys may have heard that I talked a little about the Hyperloop actually. Not exactly a Tesla topic but we're looking at - we're going to create a Hyperloop test track, most likely in Texas. We're probably going to hold an annual student competition to see who can design the pod that can go the fastest in the Hyperloop. So that could be kinda fun.

Let's see, I'm happy to answer questions that you might have.

[How did it go in there?] Well, it seem to go pretty well. It seemed to be well received. I was definitely just trying to get support for selling - being able to properly sell cars in Texas, as we're not currently allowed to do, as you guys know, it's quite convoluted. You have to order it through California, it doesn't make sense. We're just looking, fundamentally, for people in Texas to have the right to decide how they want to buy their car. That's really what we're aiming for in terms of legislative change. [Inaudible.] That might be a bridge too far. Step one, if we can sell the cars properly in Texas, that would be a huge win. Right now we're essentially selling cars through word of mouth, through you guys, so yeah, thanks for spreading word of mouth.

[Question about hypocrisy of current laws.] Well, I'm not sure I've pulled my punches all that much. I definitely don't think they make a ton of sense. I did some - I tried to explain, like, why is this law still in place? I could understand why it was put there in the first place. The reason is there - it was originally put in place for a just cause, which is - the big car companies were trying to disenfranchise their franchise dealers. Particularly Ford under Jack Nasser put a lot of pressure on the car dealers to sell their franchises back to the corporate parent at a really fire sale low price. So the auto dealers went to the state legislature to seek protection for these nefarious actions and they got that protection but the law was overly broad and prevented even new car companies that were never granted a franchise, that were starting fresh, from being able to sell cars. So now the auto dealers are using a law that was put in place for a just cause, they're using it for an unjust cause. So, I think it's just important for the auto dealers to understand the original rationale for the law and why it made sense.

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